“School District Strategies has provided enrollment projections and forecasts for the past three years. Their forecasts have been extremely accurate which has helped us adequately plan for our budget and facility needs. Their service includes more than a one time calculation. They meet with us each quarter to review the latest housing data and discuss any impact this data may have on the enrollment forecasts.”

Assistant Superintendent, Wylie ISD

Demographic Studies

Demographic studies are used to provide a past, present, and future demographic profile for the district.  A comprehensive study typically includes an examination of recent demographic trends including population and household growth, ratios of students per single-family and multi-family unit, racial/ethnic distribution of the local and student population, births as they relate to kindergarten enrollment, enrollment trends by attendance level, changing socio-economic characteristics, housing trends, future land usage/developments, and student geocoding.  The trends are examined geographically and presented using thematic maps, charts, and tables.  In addition, a comprehensive study includes up-to-date enrollment projections and facility capacity utilization analysis.  Demographic studies can be a one-time service; however, an updated quarterly service as part of a full subscription service is recommended.